A Moment For Moments More

This is a world we have so keenly avoided

A world where the only thing we need 

The only place we have to be

Is with ourselves.


To sit in the chaos that surrounds us and not control it

Not fix it 

Not fight it 

But to just accept it

And breathe

And hope.


To be with the thoughts that we have so fiercely avoided 

The memories the pain the feelings that we’ve cleverly tucked away in the back of ourselves

Not to be looked at

Or spoken about

Or even acknowledged.


Now is when they will rise

To the very fore of us

Felt in the very core of us

Demanding to be heard

And our only job is to listen

With love

And with kindness.


So let’s take this time 

A drop in the ocean of our life

To be still

To sit and to breathe

For all those who are struggling to

For all those who weren’t able to 

All we need to do is take a moment

To allow the rest of humanity to have infinite more.